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WAVE Plus - The Ultimate Instant Notification System

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Critical Incident Notification System from SecureTech

SecureTech's WAVE Plus system is the most effective critical incident notification system on the market. It is the fastest way to contact law enforcement and other first responders in an emergency when lives are at stake.

In an emergency situation, seconds count. At the start of a critical incident, the time it takes to communicate with the first responders who are closest to the scene can make all the difference in the world.

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SecureTech's WAVE Plus system instantly transmits detailed messages directly to law enforcement officers and other first responders. The system transmits over the two-way radios already used by local law enforcement agencies and first responders.

Instead of waiting for a dispatcher or call center operator to process the alarm, your call for help goes directly to first responders so they can react immediately. This can shave critical minutes off response times.

Already in use at more than 2,000 facilities across the USA and Canada, SecureTech's WAVE (Wireless Amplified Voice Equipment) system is the most effective and feature-rich critical incident notification system available.

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Saving Time and Lives with Direct-to-Responders Alarms

As school shootings continue to plague American communities, both large and small, school administrators and security experts need to look at the issue of minimizing risk from multiple angles. One of the most important issues is how to help or enable local law enforcement to respond as quickly as possible. This is the purpose of duress alarm systems, more commonly known as panic alarms  . .

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Real Stories from the Front Lines

Jackson County, IA       Crawford County, AR       Correctional Case Study      Medical Case Study


  • Instantly transmits detailed alarm message by radio to law enforcement
  • Sends e-mail and text messages to personnel without radios
  • Broadcasts alarm or lockdown message over PA system and Digital Signage
  • Triggers access control system to lockdown
  • Brings up correct cameras on CCTV system
  • Switches on strobe lights or sirens
  • Can do even more to meet your needs

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