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Alarm Systems for Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare works should be provided with a save workplace in what can be a very stressful environment. The WAVE Plus system provides personnel with a way to call for help whenever they feel vulnerable whether they are in the psychiatric ward or the emergency room.

Both fixed position panic buttons as well as mobile buttons with a location feature are available with the WAVE Plus system. The WAVE Plus system instantly transmits a detailed message describing the location of the incident over the radios carried by security officers when there is an emergency.

Why The Wave is the Best Instant Alarm System

  • Violence in hospitals and other medical facilities is increasing.
  • The WAVE Plus is the fastest way to notify security of an emergency.
  • Other security systems, such as cameras, access control and public address systems, can be integrated with the WAVE Plus to provide a complete security solution.

Wireless buttons are easily placed in emergency departments, psychiatric wards, offices or anywhere else in a facility. As soon as a button is pressed, security officers are instantly notified of the location of the emergency over the radios that they already carry. This notification is significantly faster than having a monitoring station make a phone call and can dramatically improve response times at the onset of an emergency when seconds count.

The WAVE Plus can also add another layer of protection to infant abduction systems. When the WAVE Plus is integrated with these systems, security is automatically and instantly notified when an infant is being taken through a specified door without authority. The time saved by the WAVE Plus in these circumstances is critical.

The system is almost completely wireless making installation and expansion easy. Wireless weather resistant buttons can be placed in parking lots without the expense of running wire.

The WAVE can also send emails and text messages as secondary alarms to personnel who do not carry radios.