4 Reasons for a Professional Panic Alarm System

4 Reasons for a Professional Panic Alarm System

Professional Panic Alarm System

Violent crime is serious problem in the United States. In an emergency situation, seconds count. At the start of a critical incident, from an active shooter situation to courtroom upheaval, the time it takes to communicate with the first responders who are closest to the scene can make all the difference in the world.

Incident notification is the crucial first step in resolving emergencies as they occur. The faster that officers can know about a situation and respond, the sooner it will end.
For those who want the fastest response time possible, the WAVE system is unique, because it delivers alarms directly to first responders.

The WAVE Plus system is highly effective because first responders get detailed messages from the business or facility. The messages include the location of the incident for faster and accurate responses from them. Response is also faster because the information is sent directly to first responders via radio, email, text, telephone and/or other security systems. Here are four industries in which the WAVE Plus system can mean the difference between life and death.

Healthcare Settings

A healthcare alarm system protects hospital staff, medical personnel, and patients. The WAVE Plus system utilizes buttons in various locations of the hospital and mobile buttons that specify the location of the incident when activated. The emergency notification system will help reduce injuries and fatalities by reducing response times. Superior protection is provided by the WAVE Plus system.

Government Settings

Injuries and fatalities also occur in government and courthouse settings. Violence in courthouses and threats against judges have increased. A government and courthouse security system increases safety for government employees and help reduce violence. In the courthouse, cameras, access control, and public address systems can be part of the WAVE Plus system.

Correctional Facilities

Prisoners sentenced by the courts are often sent to prison. Prisons are often dangerous, because they house criminals, including violent ones. Duress alarms increase the safety of prisoners and staff. Injuries and deaths among prison staff is reduced when using a professional panic alarm system. The WAVE Plus system instantly transmits detailed alarm messages over the radios used by officers at the facility so they can respond to incidents quickly.

Educational Institutions

Educational institutions can also be dangerous. The majority of the shootings in educational systems occur in the schools. A critical incident notification system is essential for the protection of faculty and students. Buttons are placed in various locations of schools and other educational facilities. A school duress system improves emergency response. The WAVE Plus system provides an accurate and quick response to emergencies.

In summary, the WAVE Plus system decreases the number of injuries and deaths. Every minute and every second counts in emergency situations. Faster response times and accurate information reduce the number of deaths and injuries of employees. For peace of mind, contact us today to discuss a high-quality alarm system for your organization.