5 Benefits of a Critical Incident Notification System

5 Benefits of a Critical Incident Notification System

Benefits of a Critical Incident Notification System
In contemporary society, the scope of different security challenges has expanded far beyond those that existed just a few decades ago. The tragedies related to school shootings, workplace-related violence and other dramatic events have heightened the need for a quicker response mechanism in order to address this scourge.

The implementation of a critical incident notification system has the potential to accomplish those goals, with five key reasons being:

Creating Immediate Awareness

In far too many instances over just the past few years, the security breaches that have taken place in different venues were situations where eventual victims were unaware of oncoming danger. That’s led them to be needlessly put in the line of fire or subjected to sheer horror that can have long-term debilitating effects.

However, with a critical incident notification system in place, communication is immediately sent to all personnel within a facility in order to afford them the best opportunity to protect themselves. Time is a precious commodity that can’t be wasted in such potentially dire circumstances.

Using Every Avenue to Spread the Word

Having this system in place means that all forms of communication will be used to send out immediate information. Every device that a company, school, municipality or correctional facility may be using will receive such vital messages, which can again help limit the level of danger.

Enhancing this particular system is the fact that additional information can subsequently be sent or incorrect information can be corrected. Such key information can sometimes be the difference between life and death, which shines a blinding light on its importance.

Rapid Notification of First Responders

In the early moments of a crisis, the level of confusion and uncertainty can be off the charts. Trying to notify law enforcement or other first responders of the issue is necessary, but it makes vulnerable those doing the notification.

This system has the capability to immediately notify needed personnel in order to give them the best opportunity to limit the potential for horror. It’s able to cut through the standard protocol that might otherwise delay their arrival at the site in question, which can turn out to be invaluable when it comes to saving lives.

Easy Adaptation

Reluctance on the part of such entities about adding this system usually stems from an unfounded fear that an entire security makeover is in order. That’s not the case here, since it’s able to be integrated within the existing system in place, allowing for a quick addition that can pay countless dividends.

Versatility and Choice

For some security systems, even if they’re able to be integrated into the existing structure, they may be limited when it comes to options like switches, buttons or motion detectors. Either that or frequency compatibility may prevent an adoption of the technology.

With this system, the choices are many when it comes to the sensor department. In addition, finding a way to encompass all of the frequencies has already been accomplished, which eliminates the need to search for the perfect choice.

Going With the Best Option

SecureTech Systems has been in the business of offering vital security options for over a quarter-century. Its WAVE system is an innovative take on a critical incident notification system and is available at a time when its presence is sorely needed. To learn more about it or place an order, please call the offices at either 877-468-6524 or 817-869-0569. You can also simply fill out the online contact form on the company website. Safety has never been more important, so don’t delay.