A 2019 Resolution of Safety. Mass Notification Systems for Hospitals.

A 2019 Resolution of Safety. Mass Notification Systems for Hospitals.

A 2019 Resolution of Safety.

During this time of year you will hear wishes of a “happy and healthy New Year” the Healthcare system and the work our Doctors, Nurses, and Hospital personnel do day in and day out help to keep that wish alive. Often, we expect an emergency in a hospital would include a health crisis, however there is another type of emergency that leaves our health care facilities highly vulnerable.

  1. Active Shooter- A sobering reality is that in the United States Mass Shootings have dominated the headlines for the past several years with 2017 having the most Active Shooting Incidents in history. Any business or facility is at risk as we’ve seen and while we can think it will never happen in your town, at your local hospital, it is crucial to be prepared. The first minutes in an active shooting emergency are critical. Having the right infrastructure in place that allows you to hit a single button to alert authorities instead of having to find a phone and call 911 are seconds you cannot get back.


  1. Physical Altercation- Another more common incident in a healthcare facility includes a physical altercation. Emotions run high in a hospital. Patients and loved ones can often act out against faculty, doctors, or other patients. When one of these altercations occurs it’s best to get law enforcement involved as it can escalate quickly.


  1. Security Breach- A major reason large facilities are at risk and vulnerable is the sheer amount of people that come in and out of the building or buildings daily. There are a lot of tools you can use to ensure that only the people that are supposed to be at the hospital, on a given floor, or in a specific section are there however the truth is infant abduction and those aiming to do harm does and can happen. Even if your hospital is meticulous about security clearance, should the wrong person with the wrong intentions breach your security it could be deadly.


An emergency room and hospital is a place the community goes to heal and faces plenty of highly charged critical emergencies related to health daily. A critical incident notification system can help give some peace of mind that help could be on the way in a matter of seconds. Although no one can completely predict or prevent these types of incidents having the correct framework in place to alert authorities and all security personnel of an emergency is crucial to diffusing the situation and potentially saving lives.

The WAVE Plus is the most feature-rich and effective instant notification system available for Healthcare facilities. The system can send out multiple alerts with a custom delay between instances which allows a continual call for help when things get tense. The Wave Plus also allows integration with security systems that may already be in place creating a network of safety that works together in an emergency. To learn more about The Wave Plus and how it can specifically aide in the healthcare system read our literature on instant notification systems for healthcare and contact us today.