Airport & Travel Safety Using Incident Notification

Airport & Travel Safety Using Incident Notification

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Airports are one of those places that security is everywhere you look. An airport has to reduce risk at every check point and to those who travel often, having to take your shoes off, limit your liquids, and stand in a body scanner might seem like second nature. However, what would happen if an emergency were to escalate past the security checkpoint? Nobody wants to think about that happening, and being paralyzed by fear is not something that helps us however, its important to make sure an Airport has the proper processes in place to inform the proper authorities of an incident with as little lag time as possible.


Incident Notification in Airports


The WAVE Plus system is an incident notification network that allows security personnel in airports or any travel setting the ability to notify proper authorities of an escalating issue without the need to call 911, saving valuable seconds. The system utilizes the same network police officers and other authorities already uses closing the loop that can potentially cost lost minutes and lives.

We don’t want to think that something could happen in an airport terminal as we have all made it through the security check point, shouldn’t we be in the clear? The risk is definitely reduced once in the terminal, however if history has taught us anything it’s that those who want to cause harm will find a way to do so. Having an incident notification system not only gives the city itself and airport personnel peace of mind that the authorities are only a panic button away should something happen. At SecureTech Systems we believe its those in positions of power in these public places that are responsible for the public safety of our citizens, and implementing incident notification is a great way to ensure if something happens no time would be wasted.

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