Battling Hospital Workplace Violence with a Hospital Duress Alarm System

Battling Hospital Workplace Violence with a Hospital Duress Alarm System

Hospital Duress Alarm System Safety


I saw a shocking statistic this morning. Hospitals are one of the most violent workplaces in the country. When I think of hospitals, I think of patients lying quietly, saving their strength to get better. It is only when you spend a lot of time in the hospital that you come to realize how many combative patients with altered mental states due to illness or intoxication also come to be treated there.

The size of medical centers has continued to grow no doubt to provide economies of scale to healthcare providers. It can be a very long way from one side of the hospital to the other, let alone up to the floor where there may be an incident occurring. Security guards at hospitals need all the tools that they can get to keep them informed of what is going on and where it is happening.

The WAVE Plus system provides that extra edge by notifying officers of an emergency over their two-way radios as soon as a button is pressed. The system broadcasts a clear message with a detailed location of the incident to all of the guards at the same time. Guards closer to the location can respond immediately without waiting for dispatch.

At the same time, emails and text messages can be sent to managers to make sure that everyone is aware of the situation and can take appropriate action. Strobes and other visual devices can also be used to notify personnel of the incident.

Hospitals should be one of the safest places to be. The WAVE Plus system helps hospital personnel make sure that this is the case. For more information about hospital duress systems contact us today.