Correctional Facility Safety and Emergency Response Systems For Prisons

Correctional Facility Safety and Emergency Response Systems For Prisons

emergency response system for prisons

State Correctional Institutions are very large and complex environments for law enforcement to operate in safely. Communication plays a big part in keeping the facility safe for both inmates and officers. When issues arise, it is critical for the law enforcement team to be well informed so that they can take appropriate action.

In today’s climate, emergencies happen far too often, and correctional facilities can be at risk just as other large event arenas and institutions have been in recent years. SecureTech Systems has been providing a solution for institutions with heightened risk by reducing the amount of time between the first minutes of an emergency to the response from the authorities. In those critical moments, it’s better to be safe and know that you can count on your communication system to notify first responders quicker than picking up a phone and calling 911 in the midst of a chaotic emergency.

The WAVE Plus system with location can play an important role in these types of facilities. At the touch of a button that can be carried by each officer, a detailed alarm message including the officer’s identity as well as their current location is transmitted over the two-way radios that are already in use at the facility. The system can also switch on sirens and strobes at the relevant location to give local notification of the incident. The ease of operation and speed at which an officer can call for help while dealing with an incident is second to none.

The WAVE Plus system has long played a role in improving officer safety by improving communications in all kinds of state, county, and municipal buildings. This year, we completed a state-wide upgrade to a prison system in the Northeast. We are proud to have had the opportunity to help keep law enforcement officers safer in prisons as well.

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