Court Panic Alarm & Duress Systems Can Make the Difference

Court Panic Alarm & Duress Systems Can Make the Difference

Court Panic Alarm & Duress Systems

Courthouse security is vital. Although it does not always make the news, violence in courthouses is fairly common. Defendants, litigants, family members or even just ordinary citizens who are being required to pay taxes or fines often resort to violence to express their unhappiness with the situation.

While there are always law enforcement officers present in the courthouse, they cannot be in every room all of the time. This is why it is so important to have an appropriate security system in place that can contact all of the officers in the area immediately.

The WAVE Plus System transmits a detailed alarm message to the two-way radios already carried by officers. They can then react instantly.

Other personnel within the courthouse can also be notified of the incident by pop-up alarms on their computers, email or text message. They can then take appropriate action such as locking their doors or evacuating the building.

Strobe lights can also be used to notify personnel who may be away from their computers that there is an ongoing incident.

SecureTech Systems has been assisting with courthouse security for over 25 year. The WAVE Plus system has been tailored to meet the needs of our customers over this time. It is the most feature rich and user-friendly system available. Call us now for more information on 817 869 0569.