New Jersey’s “Alyssa’s Law” and what it means for School Duress Alarm Systems Nationwide

New Jersey’s “Alyssa’s Law” and what it means for School Duress Alarm Systems Nationwide


Alyssa’s Law

On Wednesday February, 6th 2019 the New Jersey Governor took a huge step towards school gun safety by signing “Alyssa’s Law” a law in remembrance of Alyssa Alhadeff a victim of the Parkland School shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Alyssa was shot ten times through the window of her classroom door, she was only 14.

The law requires public schools in New Jersey, a state the Alhadeff’s used to live, to install panic buttons in every building to alert the authorities silently in the event of an emergency or life-threatening situation. Lori Alhadeff the victims mother hopes to move this legislation to their current home state of Florida, but more importantly across the United States. After the law was signed Lori stated,

“We are just elated. This panic button will get law enforcement there as soon as possible, because time equals life.”

When it comes to the laws momentum, Senator Lauren Book (D) of Florida filed to be heard during the legislative session that begun on March 5th 2019. Book’s bill would similarly require all Florida schools to install panic alarms in schools. Time will tell how the law performs nationally.

When it comes to Panic Systems, The SecureTech Wave has takes out the dispatch delay that many can experience in an emergency. Instead of calling police directly our system notifies the correct emergency first responders via multiple devices and via a virtual panic button. These technologies are not only critical in an emergency situation but they can be a proactive step towards ensuring your school district is doing something in response to the overwhelming amount of mass shootings we experience here in the U.S.

To learn more about the WavePlus and it’s applications in your school contact us today.