Protecting County and City Personnel in Remote Locations

Protecting County and City Personnel in Remote Locations

When setting up a WAVE Plus instant notification system, buildings with a lot of personnel tend to get a lot of attention. This is appropriate because these buildings are often complex and need a sophisticated solution. There are usually funds available for a system which, when amortized over the size of building, makes for a reasonable cost per person being protected.

What about buildings which only have a few personnel in them, and which are not located close to other buildings which are being protected? The cost of a system to protect smaller facilities is often close to the cost of systems for larger facilities. This is because you need to have a control panel for each building as well as the labor to set up the system. This situation means that there are many smaller facilities, such as libraries, senior center, roads & bridges, animal control and other municipal facilities, that are not as fully protected as they might be due to financial constraints.

One solution for this is to leverage the county or city computer network that is often deployed at the smaller, remote locations to set up buttons that utilize the WAVE Plus system control panel at a larger facility such as a courthouse or city hall.

There are several ways to do this. If more than a few buttons are needed, a WAVE Plus Remote Receiver can be set up in the remote buildings and wireless buttons can be placed wherever they are necessary. The Remote Receiver receives the alarm signals from the wireless buttons and send them through the network to the WAVE Plus control panel. If only one or two buttons are needed, Remote Input Relays can be set up at the smaller facility to send the alarm signal to the WAVE Plus control panel through the network. Of course, virtual buttons can also be provided at these locations if personnel are in front of computers on the same network as the WAVE Plus control panel all of the time.

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