School Panic Alarm Systems & New Legislation

School Panic Alarm Systems & New Legislation

School Panic Alarm Systems

School shootings are of major concern to everyone. Everyone has their own idea of what cases these horrific acts and how to address them. Legislation is starting to catch up with the reality on the ground. Several states, including New Jersey, Texas and Florida, are working on new laws that try to make schools safer.

In New Jersey and Texas, laws requiring schools to have some kind of panic alarm system that communicates directly with law enforcement agencies were passed. These laws acknowledge that the first crucial step any school must take during an active shooter incident is to call for help. The faster and more clearly this call can be made, the sooner the police can respond to it. The situation changes quickly once law enforcement are on the scene. The police can engage the assailant and protect students and faculty.

Traditional panic alarms that communicate with monitoring centers who then must call the school back to verify the alarm before calling 911 are too slow for this kind of incident. These systems can take up to five minutes before the police are even called. Every minute of delay translates into more time for victims to be shot.

Smart phone based emergency apps are another way to call for help. These systems usually rely on monitoring centers just like traditional systems. However, there is the added delay of having to open the app on your phone while an active shooter is in your facility. Some apps open up a text chat with either a monitoring center or the police. This is a good idea, but it can be difficult to text clearly when your hands are shaking and you are hiding in a closet.

Direct to responders alarm systems are the fastest way to call for help in an emergency. The WAVE Plus system, for instance, instantly transmits a detailed alarm message over the two-way radios carried by law enforcement officers as soon as a button is pressed. There is no faster way to communicate with law enforcement officers.

The law passed in New Jersey, known as Alyssa’s Law, and the proposed law in Texas both include grant money to pay for the new systems. Given this funding, there is no reason for schools to delay or skimp on purchases of panic alarm systems any more.

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