School Safety & The WAVE Plus System

School Safety & The WAVE Plus System

School Safety & Incident Notification


Fifty years ago, public violent attacks were something that happened more commonly by targeting a specific group of people. Now it seems that our schools are at risk regardless of student population, location, or with a rhyme or reason. In the past schools worried about vandalism but likely did not consider the possibility of an active shooter on campus as a credible threat. How times have changed. Now, we are all afraid.

The best way to address this fear is to be prepared. Schools should all have safety inspections on a regular basis. Once the inspections are completed, it is vital to follow the advice and suggestions in the safety audit report. It is not sufficient to buy the equipment suggested, it is important to make the soft changes that are required to make sure everyone on campus is alert and ready to react to an emergency. These changes often do not cost much, but they are crucial to having a secure campus.

Another critical part of any security plan is making sure that there is a way to contact law enforcement as quickly as possible. Relying on a panic button that calls a monitoring station is not the fastest way to do this. Once you press the button, the monitoring station can take a few minutes to call you back to verify the alarm. Even if you are in a position to answer the phone and tell the operator that the emergency is real, it will take a further few minutes for the operator to contact emergency services. These buttons add around five minutes to the start of the emergency call.

Relying on people within the building to call 911 also delays the response until someone who is not under direct attack is able to get their phone out, make the call and communicate effectively with the dispatcher.

One more efficient way to do contact law enforcement at the start of an emergency is the WAVE Plus instant notification system. This system automatically transmits a detailed message over the police radio as soon as a button is pressed. There is no faster way to notify law enforcement of an emergency. To find out more, contact us today.