Texas Education Agency (TEA) Public School Safety Grant & The WAVE Plus System

Texas Education Agency (TEA) Public School Safety Grant & The WAVE Plus System

TEA Texas School Safety & Security Grant

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has announced a $100,000,000 grant for public schools in Texas to improve safety and security. This allows schools in Texas the ability to use grant money to ensure their institutions possess the security measures needed to help prevent critical incidents and notify law enforcement in the event of an emergency. The grant will be available to purchase security and safety-related equipment including:

  • Exterior doors with push bars
  • Metal detectors at school entrances
  • Erected vehicle barriers
  • Security systems that monitor and record school entrances, exits, and hallways
  • Campus-wide active shooter alarm systems that are separate from fire alarms
  • Two-way radio systems
  • Perimeter security fencing
  • Bullet-resistant glass or film for school entrances
  • Door-locking systems

The WAVE Plus system is a campus-wide active shooter alarm system that qualifies for the grant. The WAVE Plus system is the fastest way to contact first responders during an emergency. As soon as a button is pressed, a detailed alarm message is transmitted over the radios already carried by a law enforcement officer.

Grant applications must be submitted to the TEA by January 22, 2020. All public schools in Texas are eligible for the grant. Private schools are not eligible. Funds will be allocated based on enrollment numbers with a minimum of $25,000 per school district available. There is no matching required.

The grant application can be found online on the TEA Grant Opportunities page at: https://tea4avoswald.tea.state.tx.us/GrantOpportunities/forms/GrantProgramSearch.aspx

For more information about how the WAVE Plus system can be used to harden your school, please call us on (817)869-0569 or fill out our contact form for more information.