Versatility Means you Get the Most from your Equipment

Versatility Means you Get the Most from your Equipment

We are based in Texas. The recent cold weather was a real eye-opener for everyone down here who thought that they had insulated their houses well. It turns out that our plumbing is just not able to cope with freezing temperatures. The damage caused by burst pipes in both residential and commercial properties is horrendous. Even though the damage is largely covered by insurance, the huge inconvenience of having to replace floors and walls in buildings is a real cost in time and effort.

Many courthouses and other public buildings were closed during the big freeze. In some cases, no one stopped by to check on them until the following week. Burst pipes can do an awful lot of damage when left for a day or two.
We have had a lot of calls asking about adding water detection sensors on to existing WAVE Plus systems in these buildings. These sensors are easy to add into a WAVE Plus system even if it is was only purchased for duress alarms. As soon as the sensors detect water, they will transmit a detailed message over the appropriate radio network or send emails/text messages out to let the people responsible for the building know that the water needs to be shut off.

The WAVE Plus system is tremendously versatile. It can be integrated with just about any kind of sensor you can imagine. You can add temperature sensors or even ammonia sensors to the system so that the appropriate alarms are annunciated over the radio. Versatility makes the WAVE Plus system very valuable as your needs evolve and grow.

Although freezing weather and burst pipes do not happen every day, adding these sensors to your WAVE Plus system can be a real advantage when things go wrong. Call us today for more information on 817 869 0569 or email us at

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