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Frequently Asked Questions About the Wave Plus

How does the WAVE Plus work? +
Will the WAVE Plus work with my radio network? +
What if I don’t have a radio? +
What is the range of the wireless buttons? +
Can the WAVE Plus be integrated with my other security/building automation/hard wired systems? +
Can the WAVE Plus transmit over more than one radio frequency? +
Can different alarm messages be transmitted over different radio frequencies? +
Is the system completely wireless? +
What happens if we are speaking over the radio when an alarm is triggered? +
Will the WAVE Plus repeat the alarm message? +
How do you record messages on the WAVE Plus system? +
Can I have different information transmitted over the radio and the email/text or PA system? +
Can the system be remotely programmed and diagnosed? +
What types of sensors work with the WAVE Plus system? +
Does the WAVE Plus have a UL ( Underwriters Laboratories ) certification? +
Can the alarm messages that are transmitted when an alarm is triggered differ depending on the time of day? +
Can alarms be scheduled so that they will not trigger depending on the time of day? +
How many emails and text messages can the WAVE Plus system send? +
How long do the batteries in the wireless sensors last? +
How will we know when the batteries need to be replaced? +
How will we know if buttons are missing from the system? +
Can the WAVE Plus provide a location for buttons that are being carried around a facility or campus? +
Is there a backup battery in the system? +
What is the warranty for the system? +
Can we get an extended warranty for the system? +
What is the WAVE Plus system’s capacity? +
Can a more powerful radio (e.g., a 40-watt car radio) be used with the WAVE Plus system to reach our radio tower? +
Does the WAVE Plus come in any other colors? +

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