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Alarm Systems for Hotels

Hotels need to be welcoming and open to the public. Keeping guests and staff working in these buildings safe presents many challenges.

The time it takes to contact security and communicate the nature and location of an emergency often slows their response to it. The WAVE Plus system instantly transmits a detailed message describing the location of the emergency over the radios carried by officers enabling them to respond without delay.

The WAVE Plus instant notification system contacts law enforcement officers immediately with a clear emergency message directing them to the location of the emergency.
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When Seconds Matter Most

WAVE Plus Makes Facilities Safer in Active Shooter Situations

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Ultimate Critical Incident Notification System

Wave Plus

The speed and urgency of the notifications sent by the WAVE Plus system are vital in a world where violence in hotels and resort is increasing.

With the WAVE Plus system, your employees, staff and patrons will have peace of mind because of these benefits of the WAVE Plus.

Instantly transmits detailed alarm message by radio to law enforcement
Sends e-mail and text messages to personnel without radios
Broadcasts alarm or lockdown message over PA system
Triggers access control system to lockdown
Brings up correct cameras on CCTV system
Switches on strobe lights or sirens


Additional Benefits Hotels and Resort

The system is almost completely wireless making installation and expansion easy. Wireless weather resistant buttons can be placed in parking lots without the expense of running wire.

As soon as a button is pressed, officers are instantly notified of the location of the emergency over the radios that they already carry. This method of notification is significantly faster than having a monitoring station make a phone call and can dramatically improve response times at the onset of an emergency when seconds count.

Other security systems, such as cameras, access control and public address systems, can be integrated with the WAVE Plus to provide a complete security solution.
There WAVE Plus system also supports door/window contacts, pressure mats and motion sensors that can be used to secure sensitive areas after hours.
The WAVE Plus can also send emails and text messages as secondary alarms to personnel who do not carry radios. 

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